• Built in 1965 at Crewe Works, D1842 (TOPS No. 47192) spent it’s life based around the Crewe area. It was also the first Class 47 to enter preservation and was restored to full working order and original livery by a team comprising Heritage Centre paid staff, and volunteers from both the 8E Railway Association and the Heritage Centre. After a spell on the Churnet Valley Railway, the locomotive returned to the Heritage Centre in 2008 to help celebrate our 21st Anniversary. It is currently operational and is on hire to the Weardale Railway over the Christmas/New Year period where it is operating alongside the Crewe Diesel Group’s Class 47 47712 ‘Lady Diana Spencer’ on the Polar Express trains. Following on from this operating period it will be returning to the Heritage Centre along with the Crewe Diesel Presevation Group’s Class 47 locomotive 47712 early in the New Year when it is then intended to undertake some bodywork maintenance and a full repaint into original livery before the start of our new season. It is hoped that the locomotive will be visiting a number of other preserved railways during the year for various diesel gala weekends.

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Interesting Facts

  • Did you know that D1842 weighs in at 125 Tons
  • A total of 512 Class 47 locomotives were produced between 1962 – 68
  • D1842 was the first Class 47 to be preserved in 1987