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  • Advanced Passenger Train – Prototype Visit the Advanced Passenger Train (BR Class 370) Sit in the cab, visit the buffet car, exhibition area and power car. The APT was donated to us by British Rail, having spent 18 months stored at the Crewe Electric Depot. The APT buffet car will be open serving light refreshments on event days. The APT-P is also available to hire for Birthday Parties, why not get in touch for more information?

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About the APT-P

Our number one attraction, the Advanced Passenger Train (BR Class 370) Built in 1979 by British Rail at Derby Works. The train was part of a new experimenting with the new technology of Tilting to allow faster speeds. In 1987 set 003 & 006 were donated to The Crewe Heritage Centre by British Rail, around the same time as the rest of the fleet was disposed of. Work is always taking place on the APT, just recently our volunteers have managed to get the original lights inside the power car to work. Did you know that we
need to completely repaint the outside of the Advanced Passenger Train every 4 years.


  • 48106 – Standard Class Driving Trailer (52 seats)
  • 48602 – First Class Coach (2 Seats/ Others Removed)
  • 49002 – Power car
  • 48603 – First Class Coach (25 Seats)
  • 48404 – Standard Class ‘Buffet Car’ (14 Seats)
  • 48103 – Standard Class Driving Trailer (42 Seats) – Tilting Experience

Tilting experience

After months of work by our dedicated volunteers we can now offer the APT Tilting Experience inside the standard class Driving Trailer ‘48103’, this is available at most of our special events. Feeling really brave? Then why not visit the Cab for the tilting and feel just like the driver.

APT Buffet Car

The Advanced Passenger Train Buffet Car is a fantastic example of British Rail catering, the APT Buffet Car is open on large event days selling a range of hot & cold drinks and light snacks.

Birthday Parties on the APT

The Crewe Heritage Centre is proud to offer the use of the Advanced Passenger Train to hold your child big day, we have several packages available. For more information about Birthday Parties please visit please contact us.

Advanced Passenger Train