Miniature Railway

  • The site has a 7 1/4 inch gauge railway which runs on all operating days and passes through a tunnel and calls at 3 stations. It is worked by a variety of steam, battery electric and petrol driven locomotives and the full ride (out and back) takes 20 minutes. Also being developed on site are 5 inch and 3 1/2 inch gauge railways which will operate on selected days.

    About the Miniature Railway

    The Crewe Heritage Centre Miniature Railway was opened in 1992, five years after the Heritage Centre was opened by Queen Elizabeth II, Originally built from Old Works – Forge End, and subsequently extended from Forge End – Midge Bridge the Railway rapidly increased in popularity. In 2014 a new 100 foot long, 3.5” and 5” Raised duel-gauged track was opened.

    Our Gauges

    • 7.25” – Our 600 yard Miniature Railway opened in 1992, it still follows the same route. we still run two of the original locomotives “Jenny and Vulcan.”
    • 5” – We have two 5” Lines, a 100 yard Ground level track, that runs alongside the Crewe – Chester Mainline. In addition we have a 5” Dual Gauged Line that runs from Midge Bridge Station to the South Cab of the APT-P.
    • 3.5” – New For 2014: Our brand new 3.5” / 5″ raised track is new for the 2014 season this will run between Midge Bridge Station and the South Cab of our APT, with regular steam activity this attraction is sure to be a family favourite.
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Miniature Driver Experience

The Crewe Heritage Centre offers visitors under the age of 18 the chance to ‘take control’ of one of our Miniature locomotives, the driver experience packages are offered on selected days and events. For more details please see our Events page.

The Locomotives

  • Jenny


  • Norcliff


  • Vulcan


  • Peter